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For more information on how to apply for a grant or loan, or to get started on your application, follow the steps below.

Fill in the form with all required information. Applications will be assessed in March and September each year.


Gather supporting documentation to include with your application, as specified in the application checklist


Locate your nearest dealer to submit your application


How often do you assess applications?

Applications are assessed twice a year in March and September, but close one month prior.

Who assesses the applications?

The application is first assessed by the Honda Dealer you submitted your application to. It is then checked over by The Honda Foundation to make sure the application is complete. Finally, the application is considered by the Trustees.

How do I know you have received my application?

If your application is complete, you and the Dealer will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of the application. If the application is incomplete, The Honda Foundation will contact you and the Dealer to re-submit your application with the missing information.

Can I re-apply if my application is unsuccessful?

If your application is unsuccessful you are able to re-apply. There are no limits on the number of times you can apply for a grant or loan vehicle.

What are the dates for the 2017 trustees meetings?

In 2017, the trustees meetings will occur on 15th March and 12th September 2017.

When do 2017 applications close?

Applications for review at the March 2017 trustees meeting have now closed. The closing date for the September 2017 trustees meeting is 11th August 2017.

I have a question, who should I contact?

If you have a question about The Honda Foundation, or want to enquire about funding you can do this using the Contact Us form, or by emailing Louise Stapleton ( directly.

For further information please contact us