Honda Odyssey Join Link Community Transport Fleet

A brand new Honda Odyssey has been donated to LINK Community Transport thanks to The Honda Foundation’s loan vehicle program and Northway Honda.


 “Many Victorians are at risk of becoming socially isolated due to transport disadvantage,” said Mr.  Stephen Collins, Chairman of The Honda Foundation.“

The Honda Foundation is pleased to help spread the joy of mobility by providing a Honda Odyssey to LINK that will enable these people to live more independently.”

LINK Community Transport is a not-for-profit organisation providing affordable, safe and reliable transport solutions for people aged 65 and over, as well as people with disabilities and their carers. The Honda Foundation’s loan vehicle program will allow LINK Community Transport to facilitate the essential movements of otherwise isolated Victorians to health, social and recreational activities in the Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Rick Lawford, CEO of LINK Community Transport, said the addition of the Honda Odyssey to the organisation’s fleet is an uplifting gesture and will significantly impact the lives of vulnerable members of the community.

“At LINK we have already helped thousands of Melburnians travel safely to their destinations for a fraction of the cost of a taxi. The addition of this fantastic, practical new people mover will enable us to improve our service to those that rely on door to door personalised transport,” he said. 

“We are extremely proud to be associated with such an iconic brand and to accept this vehicle on behalf of the communities we serve,” Mr. Lawford added.

The Honda Odyssey will join a fleet of other vehicles driven by dedicated volunteers, well known for their professionalism and friendly nature.

Ian Hamilton has been a LINK volunteer for five years, saying that he has formed great relationships with the people he transfers.

“When I retired I wanted to give something back to the community,” Mr Hamilton said.

“I volunteer around one and a half days each week, taking people to the doctors or to their social club. This new Honda Odyssey is going to be great and I am sure the passengers will love it.”