The Honda Foundation help The Healthy Strides Foundation with $9,000 donation

The Honda Foundation alongside Burswood Honda have donated over $9,000 to The Healthy Strides Foundation to help support their Look, Say, PlayTM project. 



The Healthy Strides Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides intensive multidisciplinary therapy for children and young adults who are affected with neurological conditions and injuries. Cerebral palsy is one of the leading disabilities that affect children today, with one in three children being unable to physically walk and 1 in 4 are unable to verbally communicate. 

All therapies provided by The Healthy Strides Foundation are based on the latest research and education in order to ensure children receive the best quality care at an affordable price to improve the quality of life of the individual.

The Honda Foundation and Burswood Honda donated over $9000 to help support Healthy Strides Look, Say, PlayTM project which will assist children with communication and interaction. Communicating is an essential part of expressing feelings and socialising within society. For children with physical disabilities, verbal expression can be challenging or impossible.  

“We love helping organisations that help and change the lives of many people. The Healthy Strides Foundation ensures that each child part of their programs receive the latest and high quality therapy and assistance that they need.” Says Mr. Stephen Collins, Chairman of The Honda Foundation.

The funding is going towards the purchase of a new eye gaze technology (hardware and software) that allow sensors to detect accurate eye movements that are reflected onto a screen and translated into spoken words. With the purchase of this new technology, it will allow The Healthy Strides Foundation to implement this program into their intensive therapy programs to help children in developing their voice and ability to communicate with people in their lives.




 “We are so honoured with this incredibly generous donation. Technology is constantly evolving and this opens up the possibility for therapies to be more motivating and engaging. The key is to make therapy fun! The eye gaze hardware and software will benefit so many of the children who attend our programs with the ultimate goal of improving participation and quality of life.” Says Dayna Pool, PhD Physiotherapist and Clinical lead of The Healthy Strides Foundation.

The Honda Foundation believe in the power of helping others and aims to assist local communities at a grassroots level, across Australia. For nearly every new Honda vehicle sold in Australia, the Honda dealership donates $5 and Honda Australia donates $10, taking the total to $15 that goes into a donation pool.

Over $11 million has been donated to hundreds of worthy causes, including empowering disadvantaged Australians, providing relief for victims of natural disasters and supporting the development of new technologies and research to fight disease.