The Honda Foundation supports Multiple Sclerosis Limited

The Honda Foundation and Parramatta Honda have generously donated a combined total of $14,513 to Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MS Limited) in New South Wales to purchase a MMT Bladder Scanner.

MS Limited is the go-to provider of information, advice and support for people living with multiple sclerosis. An entity with over 60 years' insight into supporting people to live well with progressive neurological conditions, the organisation is committed to finding new ways to help improve quality of life while investing in research to find a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS).

A common barrier experienced by over 80 per cent of people living with multiple sclerosis is bladder dysfunction, which can lead to incontinence and significantly impact their quality of life and capacity to actively participate in the community. Bladder screening is essential and the bladder scanner is the most utilised screening tool, providing vital information to help understand the right management pathways for each individual. By supporting people to manage and treat bladder function, MS Limited can support people to make sustainable improvements to their quality of life.

The MMT Bladder Scanner funded by The Honda Foundation and Parramatta Honda will be used to assess the urinary function of people living with multiple sclerosis and who are experiencing symptoms of bladder dysfunction including incontinence.

“Supporting organisations such as MS Limited is what The Honda Foundation is all about. We strive to assist amazing non-for profit organisations who deliver such critical support and equipment to the community,” said Stephen Collins, Chairman of The Honda Foundation.

“We are proud to fund the MMT Bladder scanner so that people living with MS are given accurate treatment plans and improve their quality of life.”

The MMT Bladder scanner is portable, fully automated and provides real time bladder images to improve the quality of the bladder assessment. This will have a significant impact on health outcomes as accurate assessments provide the clinician with appropriate treatment recommendations. The device will be used by a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the MS Continence Service located in the MS Lidcombe office.

“We are very grateful for the support of The Honda Foundation. Having access to this state of art bladder scanner will help us better support our clients and ensure so many people living with MS can receive appropriate treatment for bladder dysfunction and live well with the condition,” said John Blewonski, MS Limited CEO.

Since 1992, more than $13 million has been donated by The Honda Foundation to hundreds of worthy causes and local charities, so they can continue their good work and provide support and relief to people in need.