A big thank you to the volunteers at Solve-TAD

A big thank you to the volunteers at Solve-TAD, that use various equipment to help their approximately 100 volunteers, give back to the community.


Their volunteers take pride and joy building custom-made equipment, using their technical skills to enhance the lives of people with a disability. 

They liaise with the family and Occupational Therapist to provide fit-for-purpose equipment, which connects volunteers with people with disabilities and their families. It gives them joy and satisfaction know they are helping their community. 


The electric bike repair stand will electrically lift a bike from ground level onto a workbench.


  • Provides better access for volunteers to work on each bike at our workshop.  This is quite important as many of our volunteers that build and design the bikes are over 65.
  • Improves workplace health and safety of volunteers and staff as they do not need to physically lift the bikes or bend down on the floor to work on the bikes.

A big thank you for all of your volunteer work!